Calories.Finance Confirms Development of Burn to Earn Feature Application

Apr 30, 2022


Provided by Calories.Finance

The Calories.Finance team is building out the web3 lifestyle in the health and fitness ecosystem to help support the BlockChain Industry that will be a driving force of the whole Calories.Finance project.

According to Medium, Calories.Finance published “2022 World Obesity Day: The causes of obesity are complex, Calories.Finance calls for scientific weight loss” recently.

Provided by Calories.Finance

The Kimmy Tuner, the CEO & Co-Founder of Calories.Finance told us that they continue to update its strong and responsive community and application via social media. And the project is alive on Pinksale IDO platform.

What is Calories.Finane?

Calories is a web3 lifestyle platform that implements the calories-burnt to earn concept.

Meet Calories, burn calories and earn Calories tokens.

Where to find Calories.Finance?